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5:30 p.m. - Worship Service

9:00 am - Worship Service
10:15 am - Sunday School For All Ages
10:15 am - Adult Bible Study

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There are countless answers this question, but some of the most important include:

  1. Alongside other believers, in worship we receive the gifts God freely offers.  From hearing the wonderful words each week that, “Your sins are forgiven,” to understanding what it means to be baptized in His name and understanding what it means to receive the Lord’s Supper, these are necessary things to keep us standing firm in faith as we go about our daily lives.
  2. In worship we center all things on God’s true, perfect, and unchanging Word.  By this, our faith grows as the Holy Spirit works through God’s Word.  The Apostle Paul writes "…faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ" (Rom. 10:17)
  3. In an established church community, one is not left to understand Scripture on his/her own.  Often I hear people say, “I read my Bible at home, so I don’t need to go to church.”  Devotions and time in the Word at home by yourself and with family is important and of great benefit, but the Bible can be difficult to comprehend at times, and dangers can be had with false assumptions and personal opinions which can lead away from what Scripture actually states.  In worship the Bible (with Christ always at the center of it all) is taught by a pastor educated for many years to help all people better understand what God spoke then and still speaks today.
  4. Worship provides fellowship with other Christians.  It’s tough to go about life feeling alone or feeling like nobody understands you.  In gathering together with people of all ages and different life experiences, we all come before God as people in need of His love and mercy.  Through that, friendships and relationships are formed with the affirming knowledge that you are not alone in your walk.
  5. Active life in a church provides many faithful opportunities.  Outside of worship, being active in a church gives the opportunities for further growth in faith through Bible studies throughout the week; for children to learn more through Sunday School, VBS, confirmation, and other youth activities; for members of all ages to take part in special events to enjoy fellowship together and serve others and the community around us; and many other things which we do as we live as God’s people. 

As stated above, many more reasons could be given as to why worship and church activity is of great benefit.  I pray the ones listed are of benefit for realizing the many positives that come with being part of a church community!