Trinity Lutheran Church

Worship Services

5:30 p.m. - Worship Service

9:00 am - Worship Service
10:15 am - Sunday School For All Ages
10:15 am - Adult Bible Study

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Calendar of Events

There are currently no events scheduled.

What We Believe


It’s about the Bible…
and the Bible alone as the source of truth about God and the path to heaven. The Bible details God’s interaction with humanity since the beginning of time and has two messages. First, the Law shows us how we are to live and how very much we need Him and His forgiveness.  Second, and from that, the Gospel or “Good News” shows us the enormity of God’s unconditional love for us.  This is all centered on Jesus, whom the Bible is about from beginning to end.


It’s about Grace…
God’s love without strings attached that cleanses us of guilt and shame for all the times we fail and live selfishly. God’s grace is what pays the moral debt each of us owes, but could never earn. It’s what motivates us to love and serve others. It’s the unconditional love of God that draws us close to him, for forever.


It’s all about Jesus…
believing in Jesus alone. We can’t make ourselves right with God, but by Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death and return to life, God forgives and gives us new life and life forever.  Jesus… God’s only Son… our only Savior.